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Not Your Average Beat Maker


Get to know about this up and coming Music Producer - born and bred in the heart of East London.

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Essie B is who she be...

East London born Essie B is a Music Producer, Keyboardist and Singer-Songwriter. Since the age of 3, she has been tapping away on the keys, after being taught a few notes and chords by her late father. This led to her frequently playing at the church she attended. At the age of 14, she was exposed to music technology, during a songwriting workshop in her secondary school. That’s when her passion for music technology was really identified.

Essie B’s fascination with creating music grew and at 17, she became the proud owner of the Cubase LE music software, a gift from her uncle, that would enable her to create music in the comfort of her home. Her life’s direction took a slight detour as she studied Biomedical science BSc at the University of Roehampton. Even at university, Essie B still maintained her love for music. She was the main pianist and one of the soprano singers for the only gospel choir on campus - ‘Righteous Roe’. This unique gospel choir delivered two successful concerts during her time there. In 2014, she had the privilege of performing with Muyiwa as part of the house choir for the UGCY Gospel Competition. 

After completing her science degree, Essie B decided to focus on music and undertook a degree in Audio Production studying at SAE Institute London Campus, one of the world’s largest creative media educators. 

She has played keys for up and coming UK Gospel singer Claire B. Donzet and UK Christian Rapper Feed’em. She produced the hit track by InderPaul Sandhu titled “Compromise” which was added to the playlist rota on BBC Radio London. She has since then produced three more tracks for InderPaul off his new EP 'The Bloom Tape'. You can check out her production credits here.

Essie B is just getting started and vows to take music production to the next level sonically, showing everyone that she is not just your average beatmaker!






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